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Appeal: 22
Decor 14
Service 24
Cost $

Itty bitty and "overlooked by many" this Upper East Side pub is a "pretension-free" zone overseen by "Irish Barkeeps" who are among the most "charming guys on the planet", an ultra-snug "hideaway for cheap" pints with your mates, it's also "more mature" than most in this 'hood.


Biddy’s Pub is tiny—literally, it’s one room. A smattering of tables and a short bar make things tight, but Biddy’s itty-bittyness is sort of nice. Tucked away on East 91st, this pub is intimate and homey, attracting youngish neighborhood regulars. You won’t find a big crowd so there’s never much of a raucous party here, although a jukebox in the corner tends to spit out a lot of hip-hop....